International Festival Of Music Producers And Sound Designers


Soundedit 2022

Łódź Power!

The Soundedit Festival has been consistently supporting Łódź artists for many years. This year, on Thursday (November 3), as part of Łódź Power, the following will perform: Cool Kids Of Death, Mona Polaski, Salvezza, L.Stadt and Psychocukier.

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Film, alternative, electronic music

The Soundedit Festival announces Saturday’s set of performers: Barry Adamson, Crime & The City Solution, Leftfield, Ania Leon, Anieli and Bokka! Such a set of artists guarantees an extraordinary evening, full of cinematic, alternative and electronic sounds.

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Punk and uncompromising

For the bands that will perform on the second day of the festival, the phrase “musical compromise” does not exist. Apart from Dezerter, anarchists from Great Britain will play: Bad Breeding, Interrobang ?! and Test Department as well as Polish postpunkers: Hańba! and Zespół Sztylety.

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