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Łódź Power!


The Soundedit Festival has been consistently supporting Łódź artists for many years. This year, on Thursday (November 3), as part of Łódź Power, the following will perform: Cool Kids Of Death, Mona Polaski, Salvezza, L.Stadt and Psychocukier.

The Soundedit Festival has been consistently supporting Łódź artists for many years. During the 14th edition, the organizers dedicate the entire day to teams from Łódź. On Thursday (November 3), the Wytwórnia Club will host Cool Kids Of Death, Mona Polaski, Salvezza, L.Stadt and Psychocukier. All these groups are from Łódź, they all have their own idea for rock’n’roll. Each of them proves that Łódź (has) Power!

The November edition of the Soundedit International Festival Of Music Producers And Sound Designers announces the Thursday set of performers. The motto of that day speaks for itself: Łódź Power!

I have always believed that since Soundedit is a festival in Łódź, it is our duty to cooperate with artists from Łódź. Hence the idea for Soundedit Spotlight, which is why we invited bands from Łódź. This time the Polish national team has a whole festival day to themselves. Groups from the city of four cultures are sometimes more famous in Poland than in our city. It’s time to change that. Łódź Power! This is what you will feel on Thursday at Soundedit – says Maciej Werk, director of the Festival.

Cool Kids Of Death

In a world of over-styled overproduced and exaggerated musical products, they are rare. Their style is quite distinctive, but if comparisons are needed then The Strokes, Magazine, Joy Division and Bloc Party would be a good tip. CKOD’s live performances bring energy and enthusiasm rarely found in bands that play so intensely. For eight years they were on a continuous tour, giving over 400 concerts in Poland and Europe. When they debuted, they immediately became “the rebellious voice of Polish twentysomethings”. In 2011, the band suspended its activities. In 2022, they returned. Their sound remains raw, dirty and uncompromising.

Mona Polaski

The band was founded in 2018 in Łódź by boys who fell in love with music. They are looking for the thrill of songs and are interested in the issue of travelling in time with the help of sound. They play contemporary pop music, in which you can hear the echoes of the new wave, post-punk and the Polish alternative of the 80/90. The debut album “Folklor”, released in March 2019, was well received by music journalists and audiences at concerts and festivals. The band is currently finishing work on their second album.


A band founded by musicians from Łódź: Witold Munnich, i.e. Vito Vittorio (the vocalist of band X) and Grzegorz Fajngold (known for the bands: 19 Wiosen, Demolka, Teraz Nie Żyjesz and Procesor Plus). They appear on the album under the pseudonyms of Zipolli and Donatelli. The idea of founding Salvezza came about thanks to the establishment of the Baroque Evenings at the DOM club in Łódź. Musical travellers were not satisfied with the presentation of composers and baroque music to the public. Their path continues – they decided to create their own music. This is how Salvezza was created. Zipolli wrote the libretto and composed the vocal melody, Donatelli composed the music, recorded the harpsichord and organ parts, and did the orchestration and arrangement of the pieces. The songs were created spontaneously. Pathos mingled with the greyness of life and the splendour of being.


In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, on the initiative of the Lodz Center for Dialogue, a unique project “Birds of Sorrow …” was created – a concert commemorating the 76th anniversary of the liquidation of the Litzmannstadt Ghetto, composed of original music by L.Stadt to the lyrics of Jeszajahu Szpigel. Despite the exceptional conditions, it was possible to create an unusual and metaphysical event. J. Szpigiel was born on January 14, 1906 in Łódź. He lived in Bałuty, where he also spent the most tragic period of his life in the ghetto established in 1940. “Birds of Sorrow …” is an attempt to restore the memory of an exceptional writer from Łódź. The literary selection includes works that were born during the Holocaust, poems and fragments of poetic prose, and two cult songs to the music of David Bajgelman, including the unforgettable lullaby “Zmruż oczęta”. A reflective and philosophical complement is a few poems written in later years when the artist lived and worked in Israel. The author of the musical layer of the show is a musician and composer from Lodz, founder of the L.Stadt formation – Łukasz Lach.

A Polish rock band founded in Łódź in the mid-90s. The name of the band comes from the movie Brooklyn Boogie. The band was founded by Robert “Sasza” Tomaszewski in August 1996. In 2001, bassist Piotr Połoz and drummer Marcin Awierianow joined him, forming the line-up that performs to this day. Long before the release of their debut album, the band gained considerable, first local, and then national popularity in music circles. Mainly due to trance, psychedelic performances. They released five albums, played hundreds of concerts, caused several scandals. Psychocukier is also good, a bit psychedelic lyrics: “Their music is incomprehensible, plays in their heads, And the world bulges, To then become flat” – this is an excerpt from the song “Częściowa awaria podstacji”.

In 2022, the Soundedit International Music Producers Festival will be held on November 3-5 in Łódź. Cool Kids Of Death, Mona Polaski, Salvezza, L.Stadt and Psychocukier will perform on Thursday, November 3 at 6.00 p.m. at the Wytwórnia Club (ul. Łąkowa 29)

I Am The Sound! – I am music. We invite you to the 14th edition of Soundedit, we invite you to Łódź! Łódź Power!

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