International Festival Of Music Producers And Sound Designers

Punk and uncompromising


For the bands that will perform on the second day of the festival, the phrase "musical compromise" does not exist. Apart from Dezerter, anarchists from Great Britain will play: Bad Breeding, Interrobang ?! and Test Department as well as Polish postpunkers: Hańba! and Zespół Sztylety.

The Soundedit International Festival Of Music Producers And Sound Designers this year will be held in November. The first festival announcement is a set of bands for which the phrase “musical compromise” means nothing. On November 4 (Friday) Dezerter will appear in Klub Wytwórnia. Apart from the Polish group, there will be anarchists from Great Britain: Bad Breeding, Interrobang?!, Test Department. They will be joined by domestic postpunkers: Hańba! and Zespół Sztylety.

The Soundedit Festival is now fourteen years old. Throughout all previous editions, the event was characterized by innovation, creativity, a high level of performing artists and training courses motivating to improve or work in the music industry. This year, the organizers have prepared, as usual, plenty of attractions. The first is the day when punk rock in all its forms will take over the dominance of the Wytwórnia stage.

Dezerter is a true conscience of Polish punk. Their texts are always socially involved, they accurately comment on the current situation in the country and in the world, and the music, in its simplicity, reaches everyone who will listen to their albums or come to a concert.

Hańba! already by name it is rebellious – Rebel Backyard Orchestra ‘Hańba!’. In their works, they refer to history to emphasize the repetition of our history. The band’s texts are poems by well-known and less known poets. Musically – you could say – it’s a combination of folk and punk. However, this is a simplification. Who wants to see what Hańba! sounds like live, he should come to the Wytwórnia Club on November 4.

For Zespół Sztylety, freedom is the most important thing. This means no musical restrictions and complete freedom of expression. This is why their music is intertwined with post-hardcore influences, indie, noise rock, and in more radical moments even black metal. The formation is known for its extremely dynamic concerts. There will be no place to sit in comfortable armchairs, you will have to go to the stage.

The British will join the Polish anarchist team. The Bad Breeding group comes from Stevenage near London. Their music mixes the traditions of the old school anarcho-punk and hardcore with less classical noise elements. Guardian wrote about them as “the best punk band in Britain”.

The Test Department is probably well known by fans of the Einstürzende Neubauten. Test Dept. is a group from London and was one of the most important and influential bands of early industrial music. Their approach was based on the use of “found” material, reconstructed to better serve their purposes. Doing ‘more’ with ‘less’. Test Dept. uses unconventional instruments as a sound source, such as scrap metal or industrial machinery. The group is known for events carried out on a grand scale in unusual locations.

The band Chumbawamba made a big mess on the music market in its time. Interrobang?! are Dunstan Bruce and Harry Hamer of Chumbawamba and Stephen Griffin of Regular Fries. The group was founded in 2012 with the vision and desire to create something that will appeal to the generation that grew up in the shadow of punk. Interrobang?! wanted to recall the hopes and dreams with which this rebellion was filled. The artists also wanted to find out: how is the post-punk generation now expressing their anger? Interrobang?! created its own style, called agit-punk-funkstorm. It is angular, tight, focused, throbbing and intense. It is also concise and always to the point.

In 2022, the Soundedit International Festival Of Music Producers And Sound Designers will be held on November 3-5 in Łódź. Dezerter, Bad Breeding, Interrobang?!, Test Department, Disgrace! and Zespół Sztylety will perform on Friday, November 4 at 19:00 at Wytwórnia Club (ul. Łąkowa 29).

I Am The Sound! – I am music. We invite you to the 14th edition of Soundedit, we invite you to Łódź!

Photos: press materials of the organizer

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