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The Soundedit Festival announces Saturday's set of performers: Barry Adamson, Crime & The City Solution, Leftfield, Ania Leon, Anieli and Bokka! Such a set of artists guarantees an extraordinary evening, full of cinematic, alternative and electronic sounds.

The November edition of the International Festival Of Music Producers And Sound Designers Soundedit announces the Saturday set of performers: Barry Adamson, Crime & The City Solution, Leftfield, Ania Leon, Anieli and Bokka! Such a set of artists guarantees an extraordinary evening, full of cinematic, alternative and electronic sounds.

From the first edition of Soundedit (2009), Saturday was the most important festival day. The most important concerts took place on Saturdays, and the greatest Soundedit stars performed. On Saturday, a ceremonial Gala takes place, during which the statuettes of the “Man With The Golden Ear” are awarded. Tradition is a serious matter, so this year Saturday (November 5) also will be the highlight of the Festival.

Crime & The City Solution

A band, or rather a collective of musicians who come from Australia, Great Britain and Germany. Critics describe their musical propositions as alternative and post-punk. The musicians themselves, if they have to, admit to being inspired by The Doors and The Birthday Party, whose members played in Simon Bonney’s band (Crime & The City Solution was founded on his initiative). The band, playing since 1977, has undergone many ups, downs, turns, line-up changes and suspensions. After resuming the activity, the group records and performs again. During the Saturday performance, there should be a retrospective repertoire that will appeal to Nick Cave fans.

Barry Adamson

The music media, from Rolling Stone to Record Collector, writes about him and his work in superlatives. He himself focuses on working in the studio and composing. It is difficult to count his industry successes, the teams he has performed with and the projects he has participated in. He began his musical career as a bass player in the post-punk band Magazine. Then he joined Visage and finally Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. After departing from the latter, he began his solo career. In addition to his own albums, he also works with film music. Directors working with him claim that: “he can tell a story intriguingly through music”. Adamson’s compositions can be heard in such well-known and respected films as: “The Last of England”, “Lost Highway”, “Natural Born Killers” or “The Beach”. The artist will perform during the Festival and will receive the “Man With The Golden Ear” statuette awarded in recognition of “pioneering achievements in the field of music production”.


Scott Kirkland, the musician of the respected The Crystal Method, stated that Leftfield is “the best electronic music group, period.” Leftfield is a duo founded by musicians and producers Paul Daley and Neil Barnes. They are considered pioneers of such music genres as intelligent dance music and progressive house. Leftfield has brought many innovations to electronic music, including he was one of the first to combine house with dub and reggae, as well as performing live with vocalists, which was previously not practised during electronic performances. Leftfield also had problems with the law – their concerts were too loud. This December a new album will be released, entitled “This Is What We Do”. On Soundedit, before the official premiere, you will be able to listen to new material. After the success of the Freedom Parade’s return in August, another dance music legend comes to Łódź!


They are one of the most amazing phenomena on the Polish scene, not only because it is not known who they are. The faces hidden under the masks are just an introduction to the extraordinary story titled Bokka. A story about a band that did not need names and surnames to create an identity that would be unique not only on the domestic market. They have released four well-received albums, and two nominations for Fryderyk, and their work has been recommended by many foreign media. In 2022, Bokka returns in a completely new version, presenting the mysterious and apocalyptic album “Blood Moon”. The album, based on a film script, takes the listener on a fictional journey to the end of the world.


The duo’s album “Blask” is a mature debut. It could not be otherwise, since the Anieli duo consists of musicians whose songs have been sung by all of Poland for years. Joanna Prykowska is the extraordinary voice of Firebirds, a band that was popular in the 90s, among others thanks to the song “Harry”. Paweł Krawczyk wrote music for all Hey albums in the 21st century. Anieli duo opens a new chapter in their musical lives. “Blask” consists of ten atmospheric songs with very personal, feminine lyrics by Joanna. The album is promoted by singles: “Jaśniejąca” (guest appearance Katarzyna Nosowska) – a story about friendship; “Niemiłość” – about loneliness in a golden cage; “Przesilenie” – a summer hymn about independence and a noir love story – “Nie ruszaj się”.

Ania Leon

She is a young debutante who paves the dark pop trails in Poland. Her dark, electronic sounds and intriguing lyrics written in Polish have already attracted the attention of many music listeners and journalists. In June 2022, the artist’s first album – “Łezki” was released. The album was promoted by well-received singles: “Tańcz”, “Chemistry” and “Przypadki”. Ania is inspired by such artists as Banks, Billie Eilish, Lorde and Sevdaliza. She creates music with Arkadiusz Kopera (known for his collaboration with, among others, Daria Zawiałow, Sanah, Orkiestra Męskiego Grania) and Mariusz Obijalski (Waglewski Fisz Emade, Albo Inaczej project). The artist gained her first skills in Los Angeles – studying Vocal Performance at the Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music. She graduated from the school with honours.

In 2022, the Soundedit International Festival Of Music Producers And Sound Designers will be held on November 3-5 in Łódź. Crime & The City Solution, Barry Adamson, Leftfield, Ania Leon, Anieli and Bokka will perform on Saturday, November 5 at 19:00 at Klub Wytwórnia (ul. Łąkowa 29).

I Am The Sound! – I am music. We invite you to the 14th edition of Soundedit, we invite you to Łódź!

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