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Roli Mosimann


The Man With The Golden Ear Award for "pioneering achievements in the field of music production"

Roli Mosimann is a drummer, percussionist, electronic musician, record producer and sound engineer who has worked in genres ranging from Industrial, Rock, Jazz, Classic and Pop.

Originally from Switzerland, Mosimann first came to attention with the New York City no wave band Swans and later collaborated with Foetus leader J. G. Thirlwell in the duo Wiseblood.

As a producer/engineer, Roli has worked with such diverse projects as The Young Gods, The The, That Petrol Emotion, Celtic Frost, Machines of Loving Grace, Gravity Kills, Faith No More, Rebecca Bakken, Miloopa, The Weyers, Sudden Infant, Phall Fatale, Fredy Studer among many others. He did remix and/or engineer work for many projects including Big Pig, Mind Bomb, Smashing Pumkins, New Order, Marilyn Manson and others.

From 1998 untill 2012 he developed the live sound concept of “Real Time Audio Deconstruction” with the New York based live electronic project Nerve together with the exceptional talented drummer Jojo Mayer, doing concerts and tours in Europe, Asia and America. Roli is also the main FOH engineer for the annual Eklektik Session Concerts in Wrocław, Poland. There is also a new live duo project with Jojo Mayer in the works which builds on the experience of the last 20 years of interactive live sound.

Roli is known for his “no formula” approach to music, the music chooses the path and will offer it to the open ear, heart and soul.

At Soundedit’20 he will receive The Man With a Golden Ear Award for Visionary and Pioneering Solutions in Music Production

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