International Festival Of Music Producers And Sound Designers

11-14th November 2023, Łódź

Soundedit is a absolutely unique and the only event in the world that honors the work of music producers and sound engineers.

A meeting place for the largest national and world music producers, sound producers and artists.

I am the sound

Soundedit’s slogan is: “I Am The Sound”. This is what anyone who wants to learn about the secrets of music producers’ work with us in Łódź, listen to lectures, or participate in workshops and panel discussions will be able to say about themselves. I Am The Sound! I am music. I invite you to Soundedit, come to Łódź.

Maciej Werk

Lisa Gerrard & Jules Maxwell

Following last November’s tour of Portugal, Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell are announcing a one-off performance of their album Burn in Poland. The concert will take place at Teatr Wielki in Łódź on Saturday 1st July as part of the Soundedit Festival 2023 and will be their only show together this year.