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Morcheeba returns in style with their first new album after five years of silence! The first star of the 10th anniversary International Festival of Music Producers Sounedit comes from Great Britain. This June will see the release of their latest album – “Blaze Away”. The band will play in Łódź on October 26 (Friday) at Wytwórnia Club.

The British trip-hop pioneers have released eight CDs that have sold in excess of 10 million copies. Their music appeared in many films and series, from “Traffic” to “The Sopranos”. Today, a younger generation of musicians, such as London Grammar, Nouvelle Vague and Bonobo refer to the legacy of Skye and the Godfrey brothers.

This year’s release, “Blaze Away”, marks a whole new chapter in their career. Musically, it will be a return to the expressive mashing and mixing of many musical genres. The musicians decided that there would be no artistic template or pattern for the ten tracks on the album, and no restrictions of style. There will also be no rules that would not be broken.

When they started, they were placed amongst Massive Attack and Portishead, although Morcheeba was never as dark as the bands from Bristol, and Zero 7, Goldfrapp or Thievery Corporation seemed more like their soulmates. Morcheeba’s trip-hop is painted in brighter tones, although the melancholic note adds some unique charm to the English band’s songs.

– On “Blaze Away”, we brought back a lot of the influences of early Morcheeba records. We listened to a lot of 50s blues, 60s psychedelic rock and 70s dub reggae. There will also be references to the 80s electro and 90s hip-hop.  Whatever inspired us, we went with – says Ross Godfrey, producer of the latest Morcheeba album.

“Blaze Away” was released on June 1, 2018 on the label belonging to the band – Fly Algaric Records in cooperation with Kartel Music Group. In Poland, the record was released by NoPaper Records. The first single from the album is “Never Undo”.

From the very first sounds of the single, we can hear that “Blaze Away” was recorded without pressure, relaxed and with a lot of joy of playing together. Despite Morcheeba’s few years off, they don’t have to prove anything – they just do their thing, skilfully combining slowly flowing grooves, dreamy melodies, swinging basses, acoustic instruments and synth colours. Skye’s voice sounds deep and soothing. After all, Morcheeba vocalist’s early model was queen Sade.

Roots Manuva guests on title track “Blaze Away”. French star Benjamin Biolay duets with Skye on the sensual “Paris Sur Mer”, a fantasy about Paris. “It’s Summertime” is a pop song with a psychedelic guitar and lyrics by Kurt Wagner. There is also a brass section – Zion Train, which played on Morcheeba’s groundbreaking 90s album – “Big Calm”.

The worldwide success of Morcheeba has never been a surprise. Their characteristic sound was so clear and unique ever since the London band appeared in the mid-90s, that it immediately became widely known and recognisable. Morcheeba are about to embark on their greatest tour, playing “classics” and debuting new tracks from their latest record.

– 20 years in, it’s never taken us longer to tour the world. What’s suprising, we’re still finding fans in places we’ve never played. Some have waited all this time to see us live, others only recently discovered our music. It’s amazing! – says Skye Edwards, the group’s singer and composer.

Morcheeba will appear in Łódź during the 10th Soundedit Festival. Their only concert this year in our country will take place on October 26, 2018 (Friday) at Wytwórnia Club (ul. Łąkowa 29).

The passes for the Soundedit Festival, covering Friday, Saturday and Sunday (October 26-28, 2018) a price of PLN 230, can be purchased at:, and Tickets for Friday, when Morcheeba plays, cost PLN 110. Tickets and tickets can also be purchased at the Wytwórnia Club ticket office and at Empik, Media Markt, Saturn chains.

I Am The Sound! I am the sound. I am a tone. I am the music. Welcome to the 10th Soundedit, welcome to Łódź!

Photograph: Soundedit press kit

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