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Mery Spolsky


Mery is a musical solo-performance and self-styled pop spolsky. She writes her own lyrics, composes the music, produces and arranges songs, designs clothes, plays the guitar. Sometimes there are keyboards, but only because they are black and white. Mery Spolsky’s fashion is an inseparable element of her performances. The collections have three colors: black, white and red. Red is seen mainly in her cross, which brings aesthetic help to everyone lost in the closet.

Mery’s first single and video, entitled “Miło Było Pana Poznać” was released in early June last year and now has over one million views on YouTube.

Three months later, it was followed by the second single and video, “Alarm”, while on September 15, 2017, Kayax released her first album entitled “Miło Było Pana Poznać.” Another single, “Liczydło,” was released on March 8 this year. Mery”s debut was nominated for the Fryderyk 2018 award in the categories: “Phonographic Debut of the Year” and “Electronic Album of the Year.”

Until now, Mery could be seen during many reviews and festivals including: Festival of Young Talents in Szczecin and Co Jest Grane Music Fair in Warsaw, Spring Break in Poznań, as well as at the United Islands of Prague, Open’er (Alter Stage), Chonabibe Festival, as well as the opening act for IMANY during her concerts in Warsaw and Poznań. Mery has also already completed her first independent tour.

Mery Spolsky will perform during the 10th Soundedit Festival, on Saturday, October 27, at Klub Wytwórnia.

Photographs: press kit Kayax

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