10 years of Soundedit – Nosowska

It is difficult to introduce Katarzyna Nosowska in a few sentences, because she is an artist who has to rent a sizable warehouse to accommodate all the statuettes and diplomas for the best Polish singer and songwriter. How is it possible that such a modest girl who likes to avoid crowds has dominated our scene? The answer is simple: talent and hard work.

Whenever Hey takes some time off, Nosowska alone, although always with excellent partners, visits the areas where she does not venture with her band.

Recently, she has also been exploring places outside the music world. For a year, she has been very active on Instagram, where she conducts fatness trainings and takes on a ridiculous face to talk about life, show business, celebrities, contemporary snobberies, phobias and fashion. Simply, concisely, honestly, brilliantly and wittily. A series of videos “And I told her…” became the inspiration for a book with the same title, which premiered on May 23.

But Nosowska is also not idle in the music field. She is working with Michał FOX Król on her next solo album, the scheduled for autumn of 2018. She will present the new material live during her autumn tour – “Nosowska na tłusto”, and right now you can listen to the daring single “Ja pas!”.

Nosowska will perform during the 10th Soundedit Festival promoting her new album “Nosowska na tłusto.” Smolik – the winner of the Soundedit award in 2010 will appear on stage with her. The show will take place on Saturday, October 27, at Wytwórnia Club. After the concert, during the Gala, the artist will receive the “The Man with the Golden Ear” for “Timeless Achievements in Music Production and for Artistry of Words.”

Photographs: Marlena Bielińska