10 years of Soundedit – The Opposition

The Opposition break the silence with a new album Somewhere in Between, featuring 11 new songs, a new bass player, a nod to the past but very focused on the present.

It’s been a long eventful journey for the Opposition since releasing their first album Breaking the Silence in May 1981. Mark Long, Ralph Hall, Marcus Bell and fourth “member” Kenny Jones produced two self-financed, independent albums – Breaking the Silence and Intimacy – finding an audience in Europe. Described as Cold Wave, New Wave, Post Punk, New Floyd, the fiercely independent Opposition toured UK and continental Europe.

In May 1984 The Opposition released Promises – their first album for Charisma Records. Playing live – always the heartbeat of the band – they toured UK, Europe, USA, North Africa, releasing their fourth album Empire Days in 1985.

Then a gap, until the Opposition enter the 1990s with a new line-up, a new album: Blue Alice Blue, followed by War Begins at Home, more gigs, more tours, including their first gigs in Poland. Blinder took them into the new millennium, released in 2003.

The 1980s new wave UK rock combo, the Opposition, will now play in Poland for the first time in over 25 years. Following the untimely death of bassist Marcus Bell in 2014 in Paris, the band’s original drummer, Ralph Hall called on singer, guitarist and song writer Mark Long to get back in the rehearsal studio to “make some noise”. They decided they liked the noise they made and wondered why they had given up in the first place. A few months later and a new bassist from London, Bernard Husbands, the Opposition had not just played old material but found they had written an entire album’s worth of new songs. Bereavement therapy? Possibly… but what emerged is a group of songs that sound fresh for the 21st century and will form the basis of a set for some European gigs.

The album Somewhere in Between is released on Aztec Musique and distributed throughout Europe by PIAS. In the lead up to its release and to remind a new audience of what they may have missed, the band have released 3 Kenny Jones re-mastered vinyls – Breaking the Silence, Intimacy and Promises plus a limited edition vinyl Eighties Live. All are available as downloads and for the first time ever, Intimacy makes an appearance on CD.

The Opposition will play at the Soundedit Festival in Lodz on 26 October supporting Morcheeba for their first concert in Poland since the 1990s.