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The Soundedit Festival again prepared a surprise for fans of electronic music. The 11th edition of the event will host a performance of the duo DAF, that is Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft. The “ancestors of electropunk” will share the stage on October 25th with Nitzer Ebb. These will be the only shows of these two bands in Poland in 2019.

Much has been written and said about DAF. They’ve been called “the godfathers of techno” and “pioneers of EBM (electronic body music)”. Hearing these terms, the band members just smile and refuse to comment. They are not fond of any pigeonholing of their work.

The official biography of the band says: “We only know that in a short period of time (1980-1982) they released four albums. These albums have changed the history of music all over the world. And yet the success of the band was never based on the names of Gabi Delgado-López and Robert Görl. They never wanted cheap applause. Their expression is based on precisely staged iciness. The flame is hidden inside.

DAF was founded as a quintet in 1978 in Düsseldorf, Germany. The founders were Gabi Delgado-López (vocals) and Robert Görl (drums, percussion). Initially, they played in other bands, but quickly decided to focus solely on the activities of DAF. In 1979, they relocated to London. There, thanks to Daniel Miller, they signed a contract with Mute Records. The real breakthrough in DAF’s career was the signing of a contract with Virgin Records and the release of the album “Alles is gut”, which included DAF’s most famous song – “Der Mussolini”. This work was remixed by Giorgio Moroder, the winner of the “Man with the Golden Ear” award.

The DAF is often compared with: Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream or Can as precursors of German electronic music. However, they never gave up their punk roots and experimental approach to creativity. The seemingly military aspects of DAF are a form of denial, just like in the case of Laibach, who decided to cover DAF’s “Alle gegen Alle”.

DAF will perform in Wytwórnia Club in Łódź on October 25th (Friday) as part of the 11th edition of the International Festival of Music Producers Soundedit. Tickets for this day are now available at PLN 111 and can be purchased at:, and Tickets can also be purchased at the Wytwórnia Club ticket office (ul. Łąkowa 29, tel.: +42 639 55 55, ( and in Empik, Media Markt, Saturn chains.

More shows of the Soundedit Festival will be announced soon. I Am The Sound! – I am the sound. I am a tone. I am the music. Welcome to the 11th Soundedit, welcome to Łódź!

Photo: press materials Soundedit

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