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Andrzej Korzyński


The Man With The Golden Ear Award for "outstanding achievements in the field of music production"

Born in Warsaw on March 2, 1940. In 1964 he graduated in “composition, conducting and piano” at the Higher State School of Music in Warsaw. He studied composition with prof. Kazimierz Sikorski. In 1963, he became the editor of “Student Music Magazine” on Polish Radio.

He was the founder of the Ricercar 64 recording team. From 1965, he was the head of the Rhythm Studio at Polskie Radio. Andrzej Korzyński created Piotr Szczepanik as a singer. He is the composer of three songs of the year: “Żółte Kalendarze” (1965), “Kochać” (1966), “Motylem jestem” (1973).

In 1969, he composed music for French-American-British film “Le Grabuge”. Altogether, he wrote music for 131 films. These were productions made in Poland, the GDR, the Soviet Union, West Germany and France. Important titles directed by Andrzej Wajda: “Everything for sale”, “Hunting Flies”, “The Birch Wood”, “Man of Marble”, “Man of Iron”, and “Miss Nobody”.

For director Władysław Ślesicki, Andrzej Korzyński composed the music for the film “In Desert and Wilderness”, for director Zbigniew Kuźmiński – for “Agent No. 1”.  His long-term cooperation with Andrzej Żuławski brought compositions for films: “Pavoncello”, “The Song of triumphant love”, “The third part of the night”, “The Devil”, “The Silver Globe”, “Possesion”, “My nights are more beautiful than your days”, “She-Shaman”, “Fidelity”, “Cosmos”.  Korzyński also collaborated with Sylwester Chęciński on: “Take it easy”, “Love or leave” and “Big Shar”.

We can also hear Andrzej Korzyński’s music in “Academy of Mr. Kleks”, “Mr. Kleks in Space” and “Triumph of Mr. Kleks” – all directed by Krzysztof Gradowski.

The composer also created music for Polish TV series: “Tulip”, “Eldorado basin”, “The Rose and the Ring” and “The tigers of Europe”.

In 1974, he founded the band Arp Life, and in 1984 he created Piotr Fronczewski’s character of Franek Kimono, with whom he recorded songs and wrote lyrics under the pseudonym Spol. The album “Franek Kimono” became the album of 1974.

The most important songs that Andrzej Korzyński mentions in his body of work: “King Bruce Lee Karate Mistrz”, “Do Łezki Łezka”, “Domek bez adresu”, “Dysk Dżokej”, “Kasa Seks”, “Kochać”, “Krąży, krąży złoty pieniądz”, “Motylem jestem”, “Meluzyna”, “Mówili na nią Słońce”, “Mydełko Fa”, “Pożegnanie z Bajką”, “Szparka Sekretarka”, “Witajcie w naszej Bajce”, “Zabawa podmiejska”,  ‘Tankowanie nocą”, “Żółte Kalendarze”.

Andrzej Korzyński also has also worked on musicals: “The second entrance of the dragon, or Franek Kimono story”, “Black hole, or the stellar love story”, “The Rose and the Ring”, “Academy of Mr. Kleks”.

When asked to say two words about himself, the artist wrote: “I am married, my wife’s name is Sylwia, my son is Mikołaj, and my grandchildren are Leon and Gustaw. I do not remember any more sins, I heartily regret each and everyone, Andrzej Korzyński.”

During the 10th International Festival of Music Producers Soundedit, Andrzej Korzyński will receive the “Man with the Golden Ear” award “lifetime achievements in music production”. The award ceremony will take place on Saturday, October 27, at Wytwórnia Club.

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